YouTube Advertising & Marketing

YouTube continues as an online hub where businesses make money creating videos for marketing and advertising purposes. Companies worldwide continue to depend on it to reach their current customers and attract new ones.

Have you put off using YouTube to reach a wider audience? At Hubbard Cincinnati, we’ll help you bring superior media services like YouTube advertising and marketing.

In addition to our radio marketing niche, we also do social media marketing for businesses like yours. Take a look at why focusing on YouTube is so essential year-round.

About Our YouTube Advertising & Marketing Service

To truly dominate in your field, YouTube needs considerable focus. That’s why we’ve included a YouTube video advertising and marketing service at Hubbard Cincinnati.

The greatest aspect of our YouTube service is that you can reach the local market here in Cincinnati or create a global campaign. No matter what your business plans are, YouTube is going to reach out to customers you’ve never even considered.

Your audience potential for doing this is enormous. We’ve noted 2.28 billion people are now active on social media like YouTube. Capturing just a fraction of this audience could mean a huge opportunity for growth fairly quickly.

Our service is to provide an effective video ad, bringing a compelling look to your brand. We also create radio ads, but we also know visual ads are just as essential in the social media marketing sphere.

We take a fresh and more personalized approach to YouTube advertising. You’ll want to see how we make this possible and why static marketing content doesn’t work as well in a more competitive business environment.

YouTube TrueView Campaigns

TrueView in-stream ads run on YouTube videos or other sites and apps in the Google Display Network (GDN). These ads also run on any YouTube video embedded on other sites or apps.

After five seconds, viewers can skip the video ad if they choose. If viewers choose not to skip the ad, the YouTube video view count will be incremented when the viewers watch 30 seconds of the video ad or engage with the video. Video interactions include clicks to visit the website, call-to-action overlays (CTAs), cards, and companion banners.

Are Our YouTube Services Right for Your Business?

The use of our YouTube advertising and marketing service is going to benefit you in numerous ways. To start, it gives you a chance to connect with new customers and address any problems they need solving in a visually entertaining way.

Many other reasons exist why using YouTube is right for your brand:

Build Brand Awareness

It’s a crowded business world out there. You have to stand out from all your competitors, plus millions of other businesses with a similar theme. Creating blogs on your website isn’t always enough to get you discovered when people search for you on their mobile devices.

YouTube reaches the entire planet as soon as your video goes live. When you optimize your video correctly, brand awareness happens much sooner, potentially bringing a flood of new customers within a week.

We’ll show you how YouTube uses Google data to help you match up with just the right demographic. This is a valuable tool, plus many others YouTube provides right through their platform.

Further incentivizing this is that YouTube says people who view advertising there are two times more likely to buy a product.

Strengthen Existing Customers

A lot of time and energy is required when you create marketing videos on YouTube. It involves planning, editing and marketing your content every week to get it out to the largest possible audience.

Our services are available to do this for you as a major time-saver. Now you can focus on running your business while we put together compelling YouTube ads. Thanks to our renowned marketing strategies, we’ll get your video out to the right people and through the right channels.

Much of this starts by creating a YouTube channel. Once you do, you have a recurring, online portal where your new followers can find all your current and past videos.

Promote Your Products and Services

What exactly do you offer in your business? Offering a visual way to show how you can solve a problem for people is one of the most compelling ways to advertise.

YouTube offers the medium to demonstrate exactly how your products work, how you produce them, and even the people behind your company. You basically have an open forum to reach people in a more personalized way.

We’ll show you how to create a video there that makes people want to make an immediate purchase. Showing how to solve a problem millions of people want to be solved is usually one of the secrets to making it work.

A chance for people to see the behind-the-scenes of your company is also a more personalized way to invite new customers as good friends.

Customer Insight

You may simply want to know what people think of your products or services. YouTube advertising is one of the best ways to find out. Part of this comes in the comment sections on each video you post.

The comment section gives you a good idea of how people respond to your ads. And thanks to YouTube also having live chat capability, you can find out what people think in real-time.

Insight like this is very valuable when you get hundreds or thousands of people commenting at once. It’s much better than using any other type of analytics tool.

Let us show you how to utilize the best of this and attract more customers to your video to make comments.

Conversations with Your Customers

The live chat capability on YouTube also gives you a chance to gauge opinions and interact with those viewers. You can do so through chat or just replying to people in the comment section.

We’ll show you how to go about this and what the best approach is. Reaching out to new customers instantly is well worth your time, allowing you to make any changes to your product based on instant feedback.

Delve into YouTube Advertising and Marketing at Hubbard Cincinnati!

As you can see, the possibility for massive reach is huge advertising on YouTube. Each advantage we mentioned is only part of what you can do there.

Our expert marketing team is in your corner, giving you a well-rounded way to market your business on a local or global scale.

Contact us to learn more about what we do and our specific skills in creating advertising videos on YouTube.